Certification through AHIMA Competency Exam: "HIT-PRO"

Beginning in April 2011, you’ll be eligible to sit for a new AHIMA Competency Exam titled - “HIT-PRO.”

Currently, AHIMA CEU’s are not offered, but it is anticipated that CEU’s will be awarded in the future. Upon successful completion of any one of the workforce training Roles, the college will award participants with a Certificate for that Role. Please refer to the chart below for the different workforce roles.


  1. My HIT Academy offers practice exams for the HITPro Certification exam required for the following roles:
    * Implementation Support Specialist
    * Clinician Consultant
    * Implementation Manager
    * Technical/Software Support Staff
    * Trainer
    These tests are designed to give the user the chance to practice taking the exams before committing to hundreds of dollars to acquire certification. Not only will you maximize your money and your time, but you will become more comfortable and familiar with the testing materials, further ensuring your success and enabling you to begin your exciting Health IT career. Visit to get started.

  2. Hello Diana,
    Just so you are aware, we do NOT endorse any study guides other than the Candidate Guide which is on the HIT Pro website. I am familiar with this other website, but again, all candidates are advised that we are not affiliated with Myhitacademy site and do not endorse it's use. Thank you.
    Kelley Green
    Customer Service Rep., HIT Pro exams